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We come to you Paint Parties!!

What should I wear?

 We provide aprons, but acrylic paint is permanent when dry, so don’t wear your favorite clothes.

Will I get paint on my hands?

Probably, but  we have non-latex disposable gloves available to protect your manicure.  The paint will wash off your skin.

Can I take my painting home the same night?

Your painting should be dry and ready to transport after class but, if not, there is a hair dryer for your use. Be careful to make sure your painting is dry before you leave – for the sake of your clothes and car.

What if I have to cancel a reservation?

Just call, we will reschedule or issue a credit for another day or time.

Do I have to paint exactly as the instructor teaches?

This is a party…no rules, within reason.  If you want to add your own creative flare, it is encouraged.

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